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June 30, 2013
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Proper Feidhelm App by La-Merwaffle Proper Feidhelm App by La-Merwaffle
Name: Feidhelm ("fail + im")

Name meaning: Irish - Ever good/beauty

Glamor Name: Flynn (Only because humans and monsters alike mess up his name. It's pronounced FAIL-IM. NOT fidhelm or feedhelm or fedhem or any fucking thing similar. FAIL IM.)

Age: 269 (roughly 17 comparatively to human life span)

Glamor Age: 19

Monster type/species: Half Gancanagh -  (from Irish: Gean Cánach meaning "love talker"). An all male race of fae that secrete a toxin that when touched causes intense feelings of lust/love. It can be so powerful that the victim (primarily females) can die of depression or fight to the death for the inflicting Gancanagh's affection and attention. They can control it, but not completely dismiss it. 
Half Human

Glamor item: Chocker Lock

Natural weapons: Secretion, physical strength. 

Trained weapons:  Glamor, truth-bending.

Grade: Freshman

Current Classes:
Human studies
Mischief and Mayhem

Passed Classes: None

Current Points: 335

Favorite class: 
Mischief and Mayhem - You really have to ask? Just look at him.  

Worst class: 
Human studies - He had a human mother, so he feels it's very annoying and unnecessary.

Iron: Feidhelm has an intense iron allergy. This includes iron in food and the physical metal. If an iron sword or ring, for example, touches him it will leave an instant intense burn, much like a sunburn. If it's held there for an extended period of time, his skin will blacken and die. As for food iron, if he ingests anything over a minimal amount he will get ill. Major amounts will leave him bed ridden. Rooms with large amounts of metal make him uncomfortable, even if there's no iron at all.

Lies: If Feidhelm tells a lie, he will lose his glamor abilities and possible his life, depending on the severity of his lie. The Seelie court does not fuck around. He must only twist the truth or avoid it. Lying is a big no go.

Physical Pain: He has a very low pain tolerance. The big baby acts like he's dying if he gets a paper cut. Just imagine a splint, may the courts forbid.

Indoor agility: Or lack there of. His fae nature is lost indoors and he feels particularly at a lose for his fairy footed nature. Since he is Gancanagh, not human or even technically a half fae, he has the attachment to nature that his father has rather than his mother's human connection to technology and buildings.

Traditional human weaknesses: Being born to a human, he is much more vulnerable to human weaknesses than the rest of his race. Any normal means that would damage a human will hurt Feid. Especially since he is a big wuss. He is also more susceptible to glamor than the normal fae, easily tricked by even glamor objects unless the glamor is very weak.

Major Skills:
Toxic secretion: Feidhelm body secretes a toxin that causes fae and humans alike to feel intense feelings of lust and love. While much weaker than his father's secretion, Feidhelm's is far more uncontrollable. Even at his age, he has yet to get a grasp on making it lighter or stronger at will. Doesn't care particularly about causing people to feel afflicted, but tends to avoid it for the sake of his sanity. It gets old getting lectured. For freshman, touching Feidhelm can cause a variety of sensations while upperclassmen and teachers would feel nothing for than a strange numb tingle where he touched. His body only produces enough secretion for one focused dose a day, while his normal controlled dose can only effect on person at a time (secretion refreshes itself after half an hour on minor doses).

Strong doses that requires exhausting focus on his part will cause an intense allure or love sensation for up to 5 minutes.
Minor doses that are restrained and usually accidental only cause strange positive thoughts that linger for up to a half hour. Ex: "Oh, why did I just think of Feid right now? Oh well, that's a little weird."

Glamor Magic: Almost all Fae have glamor magic and Feidhelm is no different. But he's not very talented at it. He can only hold a glamor for a few seconds, and even then he can only glamor 2 of the 5 senses. The choice of which two are up to him, but it can still not be the most helpful if the fae has sight, extreme sensitivity and scent. 

Minor Skills:
Agility in nature: Being fae, even as a half blood, he is naturally stealthy in nature. He can avoid unseen objects and move quickly while barely making a noise. However, since he is only half, he is less in tune with nature than his father and other full fae, requiring him to focus on his agility.

Personality: Feidhelm enjoys being a rebel, playing pranks and getting into trouble in general. He was basically the bane of his mother's entire existance. Life mission = drive her insane. As a whole, Feidhelm will just use the people around him for entertainment and a laugh, but on the rare occasion that he finds some interesting enough to become close he's the most loyal companion a monster could hope for. He'd go out of his way and put himself in danger without a second thought for someone he trusts. Pissing him off, will put you on a completely different list however. The tall fae has quite the temper and has been known for holding a grudge for decades. But, if you can out wit him you'll have his respect forever. He respects intellect and honesty above power and looks (looks are ALWAYS a plus in his book, though) and challanges everyone he meets with twisted truths and clever trick, so be prepared. 

P.S.: He loves the ladies. And some very sparing, lucky men. It comes with the species description. ;D

Character's Background: Unlike most Gancanagh, not that there are many in the first place, Faidhelm is not full fae. The majority of Gancanagh are born from respectable fae breedings, carefully planned to raise the parents in the seelie court ranks or at least propel their offspring higher. Instead of doing that, Feidhelm was sent quite a bit farther down the ranks. Aka, he has no rank. At all. Just a little speck on the charts.

Feidhelm was born from a human mother, an accident that his father at first begrudgingly accepted but eventually warmed up to. Gancanagh do not breed frequently, as they are immortal and their victims usually pass away, but Feidhelm's mother had an unusual emotional strength not often seen in humans. His father left after their encounter as he had always done and his father before him had done expecting the woman he persued to wither and fade from history. You can image his shock when she some how tracked him down, months later, very much pregnant. While Gancanagh do not often breed, when they do they produce only Gancanagh males and Fae female. It was against all his desires that he stayed with his offspring carrier. However at the time of delivery, when he expected to leave her to wither or do whatever it was humans did and scurry off into the fae depths with his child, he could not leave. He had fallen for this strong human woman. 

Feidhelm was raise by a deeply caring and strong human mother and a spritely, immortal father. He was taught to treat humans with (sparing) respect and to control some of his powers, though his human blood made it difficult and what he should have pick up in a hundred years he has still not learned by 200. When his mother passed, he and his father were left in a state of dispair. They seperated, both reminding the other of their immortality and what they lost. His father's last recommendation was to find someone with more skill than himself to teach him to handle his fae powers and not to contact him until that point. After years of wandering, he finally heard a rumor about a school. While he would rather not be around so many people and under rules, he would never admit that he was desperate. 

Odd Facts:
//Enjoys confusing people with his words.
//6'10" in monster form.
//6'2" in human form.
//Has the very slightest point to his ears in human form.
//Has pointed ears because of his mixed blood. Most Gancanagh have human shaped ears.
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Mistress-of-Solitude Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
aah, so you're one of them group people.

 I've always been paranoid about touch regardless but THIS totally strengthens my firm belief in NON -skin to skin contact. And he speaks with some Irish accent? Well, I have to say the DESIGN of the actual character is rather nice. He LOOKS like one of those bad-boy types---the kind I most CERTAINLY would never hang out with, personally. Attractive from a distance but don't get too close. Nice work.. and HE'S FREAKING TAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL... Scary tall people. *head shake* Three factors a woman likes: Tall, dark, and mysterious~ Personally that list has to be extended to come with a sense of humor, fashionable, and fairly attractive. *shrugs*

AWESOME WORK though. Very interesting bio to read on to go with your character here. Enjoyable NONE-THE-LESS.
La-Merwaffle Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013
I ammmm a group person. ^_^

And lol! Yep. He has an irish accent. :3 And he's not a terrible-bad boy, but he's definitely not a jerk. XD 

And yes. He's VERY tall. Haha. 

And thank you! I need to re-write some of his bio (just rewording and added details), but I definitely appreciate the compliment! 
V-Oblivion Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This guy is awesome!

And finally an Irish guy for the group!
La-Merwaffle Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013
Fied: :iconohyoudeanplz:

And there was no Irish guy before this?! I did not know! D: Thank you! :iconiwantitplz:
V-Oblivion Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Erich:... (>.>) ...

Yup, very first Irish bastard we have!
He bastard part was in a good way.

Yohoho. Hope we can RP one day.
La-Merwaffle Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013
Of course! <3
V-Oblivion Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Would you mind going through notes?
La-Merwaffle Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
Notes are tots fine. 8D
V-Oblivion Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

I will send it as soon I have time!

though I must warn you; I suck at starts.
sorry before hand >.<'
La-Merwaffle Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
Cool! I'll look forward to it!

No worries. We all do. ;)
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