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Rapunzel wig by La-Merwaffle Rapunzel wig by La-Merwaffle
This is my baby! My precioussssss.... <3 

I spent so much time on this thing. In this photo it's not finished. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of it finished right now. I quickly finished it and then wore it to a con, but now it needs some fixing and brushing before I get more photos of it. 

This thing took so much time. And learning! It's about 4 feet long, maybe longer. I'm only 4'10" otherwise it would have probably been a bit longer. This is made with an Arda Wigs Eowyn in Pale Blonde and about 8 packs of their short wefts in Pale Blonde. It also has 3 packs of ikickshin's Gold braiding hair and 3 strips of cotton batting. And many, many flowers. 

I used :iconechoing-artemis: 's tutorial for this bad boy. And I adore her for her tutorial and I adore this wig. Despite how difficult for me it is to wear. It's worth it. This was worn with my Sailor Senshi Rapunzel costume. 

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echoing-artemis Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
It looks wonderful! Congratulations on your success - it's a challenging wig, so it's an awesome achievement! :3
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